Waste King L-2600 Garbage Disposal Review

waste king l2600 reviewSo it might seem like that a tirade against dog obesity is about to commence, and that I’ll go on about how the US is seeing a huge trend in obesity in dogs. But how else was I supposed to get your attention?

There are other reasons for getting your attention. We needed to make sure that you found this page on our website. You see, the Waste King L-2600 simply fits on this garbage disposal review site. It’s hardly about the family canine companion!

Simply The Best

I may not be a technical expert, especially when it comes to kitchen appliances, but I have to say that this is one of the best garbage disposal on the market today. I’m so excited about it because this unit has everything you could possibly want in something like this. It may be sad, but it’s true – I’m super excited!

Top Features

  • 2600 RPMs
  • Removebale Splash Gaurd
  • Fantastic design that saves space
  • 36 inch power cord
  • Extremely long warranty

Waste King L-2600 Garbage Disposal

I want to jump right into what makes this thing such a beauty. You’ll be able to see what really makes it tick and bring something great to your kitchen.

Eco-Friendly And High Speed

Running up to speeds of 2600rpm, this 1/2 horsepower motor gets everything done in this model. Even if you don’t totally know what those numbers mean, they should at least convey that you’ll be looking at speeds that deal with waste efficiently and quickly. It also doesn’t matter if your septic system is mains based or if there’s a good sized septic tank on hand. This garbage disposal will make sure that organic waste gets liquefied and taken safely away.

Want to be more eco-friendly in your home? This model will make sure that the waste your whole family produces is diminished and recycled, instead of collecting dust in plastic bags that will never disintegrate. They’ll never touch a landfill again. The unit also keeps the energy and water use down so you no longer use as much of either and save more money.


Throughout my career, I’ve encountered many people who say they have trouble with the kind of waste they can put down their garbage disposal. However, this model will take care of all sorts of things, such as peels, long and stringy vegetables, and a few small bones. Just make sure you keep the big ones out of there.

Internal Parts That Last A Long Time

The great thing about Waste King is that their parts last a long time. Rusting is no longer a problem because of the anti-corrosion technology. Rusting is the reason so many units break down over time. If you still don’t believe us about the Waste King, keep in mind that they’ll back up their claims on the quality of the L-2600. They offer a five-year, in-home warranty on the anti-corrosion parts, as well as a lifetime warranty on those than can still corrode.

Take a look on Amazon to see what other people are saying about this model. There are many satisfied customers who want to tell you all about the Waste King and what it offers. There are also some great deals depending on when you look.

If 1/2 horsepower is still not good enough for you, keep in mind that there is also a 3/4 horsepower Waste King L-3300 and even a 1 horsepower Waste King L-8000. Not only are they amazing units, but I also rated them as the absolute best in their categories.

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