Waste King L-111 Garbage Disposal Review

If you have looked through our website already then you will have a good sense of what my profession is. I am very interested in interior design, and also making jobs around the house as easy and convenient as possible.

At times I’m sure some of my co-workers might get irritated with me since I am constantly asking about various appliances that we have in stock and all of their “ins and outs.” As a professional, it is important for me to at least know the basics. I can’t sell something if I am not familiar with it.

Quality Meets Budget

Over the years, there is one thing that I have noticed, which is that people would like to have modern appliances that are easy to use and don’t cost a fortune. Give what the economic climate is currently, I completely understand. I think that numerous manufacturers have done an excellent job at introducing products into the market that are affordable yet well made.

One of these is the Waste King L-111 garbage disposal. I believe this is among the best priced and finest disposers available. Waste King did not skimp on quality or design. I’m not sure how they pull this off, but I have customers consistently asking for this particular model due to hearing good things about it. So obviously the manufacturer has done a few things right!

Review Of The Waste King L-111

So what comes with this disposer? The following is my review on the Waste King L-111.


One of the main reasons why so many people ask me about this particular model is due to the fact that they want to have more space underneath their sinks that is being taken up currently the disposal that was installed before they moved into their house. The L-111 is the ideal solution for this problem since it doesn’t take up a lot of space due to its compact design.

Easy to Install

Given the fact that we do installations, I really shouldn’t say this. However, honestly, you don’t need to have a professional install this disposal for you. One of my customers in fact said it only took him around 10 minutes to get it up and working.

To make things even easier you can check out our garbage disposal replacement video page.


In terms of warranty, Waste King offers one of the best. This specific model has an in-home 2 year warranty. If anything goes wrong, you won’t need to remove the unit and return it. It will be repaired at your home.


One of the man reasons why this manufacturer is able to offer such an extensive warranty is because you probably won’t ever have to use it. I was talking with someone from our technical department once, and I was told that this garbage disposal has a corrosion free drain house and grinding chamber. That is one of the main reasons that causes a waste disposer to break down, but this problem has been solved by Waste King.


This small unit only has a 1/3 Horsepower. However it makes up for that with its speed. The disposer runs at 1900rpm when you turn it on.

The Price

This is probably one of the main things you have been wondering about. Believe it or not, currently Amazon has these on sale for just over $50, and last I checked it comes with free shipping! In my opinion, anybody who is searching for an affordable and decent waster disposer should definitely consider the Waste King L-111.

The Waste King L-260 and L-1001 are both a bit more expensive. However, they do come with 0.5 horsepower, which means that can handle tougher and larger chunks of waste. They are an ideal budget step-up in my opinion.


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