Review Of The Waste King L-8000 1.0-HP Garbage Disposal

There isn’t much exciting about my job. As proud as I am of my work, I am someone who made the decision long ago to get into the career of selling kitchens. Even though no child grows up thinking they want to sell kitchens for a living, I admit I enjoy working with the people I come across, and I have always been a bit of an interior design enthusiast.

Lots of things happen in the kitchen, aside from cooking, since it tends to be the heart of the home. Think about it. Where does everyone go when they arrive for a party? Where do family members congregate on a holiday? They are probably heading to the kitchen, either to help with the cooking or to get a sneak peek of what’s for dinner. You can also get a quick drink there.

I digress.

The Greatness That Is Your Garbage Disposal

This website is dedicated to educating people about the types of garbage disposals on the market. I’ve had enough customers over the years to know that you do not skimp on the garbage disposal, no matter how low you think it may be on your list of things to get. Everyone comes to rely on their garbage disposal in the kitchen, and if you get the wrong one for your home, you are going to have many headaches.

The King L-8000 Legend Series 1.0-Horsepower Garbage Disposal unit is on the docket to be reviewed today. I know a lot about appliances, even though I cover entire kitchens, because the appliances are what make the room function.

Let’s have a look at what makes the Waste King L-8000 1.0 special.


With an output of one horsepower, this service disposal lives up to its name, and can spin its blades up to 2800 RPM. Just from those numbers alone you can deduce that it’s one of the most powerful units on the market.


No matter how small your kitchen sink is, Waste King has brought you a garbage disposal that will probably fit beneath it. At just 9 inches wide and 14.25 inches tall, they can also be plugged in with a 36 inch power cord to ensure that it will always have power.


What is a garbage disposal unit’s worst enemy? Water. It causes them to rust over time. This model doesn’t have that problem. It’s completely made of corrosion free parts and has some of the greatest warranties you’ll find on the market.

Safe And Clean

With an opening that is quite smaller than most other units you will find on the market, Waste King has also included a splash guard. Not only is it easier to clean, but it also will leave a smaller mess in your sink. Some people are unsure if it’s too small. All I ever had to do was point out that they will lose fewer utensils to the garbage disposal, and this made them quite happy to work with a small unit.

In The End

The greatest thing about this unit is how quiet it is. It’s no secret that most garbage disposals are loud and abrasive. You won’t have that problem with this model. The Waste King L-8000 makes nary a sound, and you may even wonder if it’s actually working.

While this unit isn’t the cheapest one you’ll find on the market, you get a lot of bang for your buck. It has an excellent value for all the power and other amenities included. On Amazon you can get it for about $127, which is a total steal. You can click here to find out the current price.

This is probably one of the best garbage disposals you will ever find. Are you looking for the Rolls-Royce of the industry? Please check out my review for the InSinkerator Evolution Excel. It’s more expensive, but it has three grinding stages and is as quiet as a mouse.

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