The InSinkerator Evolution Excel Product Review

I love my job and the daily action on the shop floor, nevertheless a change is as good as a rest and I was delighted to get a chance to checkout the annual tradeshow; where I got the opportunity to view some of the top products of interest for myself and many others in this industry.

The things that catch my interest in trade shows like this are the many innovations in kitchen design technology that has hit the market in the past year or so. This year I took special interest in the various garbage disposals on display. I tried my best to skim over the technical details to get to the nitty gritty of how this disposal is supposed to be an improvement on the last model.

The InSinkerator Evolution Excel

On the first day as I browsed the length and breadth of the trade show floor at the various contraptions on display. My eyes were caught by glint of shiny chrome and silver, the Insinkerator Evolution Excel is such an attractive little device it is a shame it is hidden snuggly under the sink. That may sound clichè, but after a few years in this line of busy one develops a taste for bright chrome.

Naturally, to most people reading this the attractive color is inconsequential, it is the functionality that makes it interesting and so…

InSinkerator Evolution Excel: Three Stage Grinding Process

In addition to the attractive style and bright chrome, the most attractive feature to me was the specialized three stage grinding process the InSinkerator Evolution Excel uses. Most garbage disposals you see in the business have only one stage.

This grinding process should put an end to customer complaints about their garbage disposals and how they don’t seem up to the task. In my line of work I couldn’t count on my fingers and toes how many clients want to change their disposal because it cannot work with the amount of waste put into them. (Sometimes have to take 10 deep breaths before letting them know I found that missing table knife and I’m pretty sure the disposal was fine before it went missing.)

Not a problem with the InSinkerator Excel, which can easily chew through any waste it faces (except knives). Meat and bones, veggies and the sort will pose no problem however, the disposal deals with it all.

The Quiet Option

Another big reason disposals are so often changed is due to the fact that after a while they start to make too much noise.

This is another point where the InSinkerator Evolution Excel is a cut above the rest. Featuring a super quiet sink baffle that minimizes noise the InSinkerator Evolution Excel is the quietest device I have seen since….EVER! The technicalities of how this SoundSeal Plus feature actually operate is beyond me but I can say this, It Works! From the closest range I could hardly tell when the disposal was in operation or not until I saw the waste collect underneath.

The Manufacturer’s representative at the stall explained to all of us amazed spectators that the InSinkerator Evolution Excel was the most eco-friendly option on the market. It also comes with a seven-year warranty. This in itself raised a few eyebrows because most models have much lower warranty periods.

If you are interested in purchasing a quality replacement for your kitchen disposal, there are currently some great sales being offered on where they are currently being sold for $300. This is a limited time price and you should check immediately to see if the deal still stands. (Click Here)

If $300 on a disposal is out of the budget allow me to recommend the InSinkerator Badger 5 Compact which shaves off a neat $100 and is still a quality product.


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