InSinkErator Evolution Compact Review

The InSinkErator Household Garbage Disposal

Because of the nature of my job, my friends and family are often seeking for advice from me about the trends in the designs of kitchen. They want to know more about the types of appliances that can help them in the kitchen area and among their biggest concerns have to do with garbage disposal.

One sunny afternoon, my family was having a summer barbecue. I was eating a piece of steak in one corner when some of the visitors came. A moment later, I overheard an argument from the neighborhood.

The Argument Over Garbage Disposal

I listened closely and found out that my best friend and his wife are quarreling. My best friend’s wife is having trouble with her current garbage disposal model. It was already installed there when they decided to move in. The garbage disposal system was the cause of their fight.

Mandy was shouting words like “It makes a lot of noise when in use!” And, “It always gets clogged!” I stood up, left my food and went to their house thinking that they need my help.

The couple was shocked when I suddenly appeared on their kitchen room. I asked how they were and they pretended that everything is just fine. But then, I already know that they are having problems so I decided to ask what is happening. Mandy immediately spoke non-stop and told me all about her complaints on the garbage disposer they are currently using.

Introducing the InSinkErator Evolution Compact

When she finished speaking, I told her that I can help them. She was surprised with what I said then immediately asked me how. That is when I explained to them all about the InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP Garbage Disposer, since they are having issues with the noise and vibration of the one they are using.

The InSinkErator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposal

The InSinkErator Evolution Compact has a quiet performance as compared to a standard disposal. It is perfect for small households because it does not consume so much space. It has a strong power to grind foods while not making too much noise. Compared to other household disposals, the sound leve of Evolution Compact is at least 30% reduced.

InSinkErator is vibrator-free as well. It features SoundSeal Technology to helps reduce the vibration level, while using a lower horsepower. A lot of customers had already testified that this product is a very quiet and powerful disposal unit.

With the quick lock sink mount, it is easy for you to install and replace the product. You don’t need to call a professional to assist; you just have to check the instructions provided on the InSinkErator website for an easy installation of the unit. A first timer won’t have a hard time mounting this product.

With its MultiGrind Technology, it delivers two stages of grinding. This feature allows you to fully grind foods that are difficult for a standard disposer to process. For durability, it provides a stainless steel grind components.

The simple explanation that I gave them provided a solution to their problem, and they said they are interested in buying one. I told them that they can pick up the product any time at the office.

If you like to have this kind of garbage disposal at home, you can avail this particular model at Amazon. The price is really affordable, and is almost as low as the discounted price for staff. The product has a warranty period of 4 years and free labor for any parts needing replacement or repair.

While you are still deciding and thinking about whether to buy this garbage disposal model or not, try checking out Waste King L-8000. This model is also quiet and strong, but it is cheaper.

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