How To Repair A Clogged Or Malfunctioning Garbage Disposal

In addition to useful information regarding consumer opinions of many of the finest garbage disposal (as well as some of the worst), I am now offering some ancillary pages full of interesting information. Far too often, I see folks who encounter some of the problems described below and end up getting extremely frustrated. With any luck, the material that follows will prove helpful if you are among those facing one of these issues.

Unclogging A Garbage Disposal

A clogged disposal is among the most frequently observed problems in this realm. Lots of things have the ability to clog garbage disposals, it should be noted. It may be that someone in the household has made a bad decision and placed something in the drain that ended up getting stuck. Perhaps it is just a matter of your disposal being loaded too heavily.

When faced with this issue, many folks rush to call their local plumber. But, by using a few key tips, it is actually quite easy to realize substantial savings. Review the video that follows and get your disposal back up and running in just a few simple steps.

Repairing A Leaky Disposal

Leaks are among the most serious problems I tend to encounter. Once you observe that a leak exists beneath the sink, you may instinctively point to the garbage disposal as the source. If you read the reviews contained on my site, you are certain to see that leaks are rarely among the problems mentioned. The reason for this is that your leak is likely not coming from the unit itself, but rather stems from issues with installation or the connected piping.

There are several steps I could articulate that would help you solve such a dilemma, but it is preferable for you to watch a video on the topic so that you can view at your own pace and repeat critical portions as needed.

If, after watching the video, your problem remains unsolved, it may benefit you to go ahead and contact a professional plumber.

Fixing Disposals That Will Not Turn On

When a garbage disposal simply will not start, there are several possible causes. It may be that the plug is disengaged from its socket beneath the sink, so that should be assessed as a first step. If your kitchen power supply seems off, take a look at the circuit breaker.

There are many disposals equipped with reset functions intended to provide an extra layer of safety and to prevent damage. See if depressing the reset button resolves your issue.

If there is something stuck in the disposal, it may have tripped the power. There are numerous potential causes for your disposal failure, so it pays to do some investigating. If you need to learn how to make the necessary repairs, review the video that follows.

With any luck, the material presented above will assist you in troubleshooting some common garbage disposal problems. That way, you will be able to make repairs yourself and save yourself both shopping time as well as money from your budget. I can’t think of anybody who would say no that that!


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