What Is The Best Garbage Disposal On The Market?

Hi, Adam here! Let me first of all say many thanks for stopping by to check out my website dedicated to garbage disposals. This is not the biggest website on the subject, but all that means to you is that you’ve found a spot that will give you some straight to the point information and leave out the usual run around, most importantly you will find honest information.

​will admit that I have been the target of many comical remarks from both family and friends who think that my interest in garbage disposals might be nearing obsessive. On the other hand, you are reading this now because, like myself, you are also interested in garbage disposals and understand how finding the right is essential to the kitchen’s functionality as a whole.

As a guy with plenty of experience in selling and remodeling kitchens and their various appliances, I like to believe I have a bit more knowledge and experience in this field than the average joe. But credit for all this is not mine alone, none of this would be possible without the support of my trusted colleague and friend Philip, who is fascinated by the mechanical side of the garbage disposal.

How To Pick A Disposal That Is Right For You​

For those of you strapped for time, I have compiled a short comparison table for your immediate reference. You can refer to this table to get an idea of what models we work with and what the special features of each one is. If you find yourself with more time and would rather take some time before selecting the model that’s right for you, here are some points to take into consideration:

  • Batch Feed VS. Continuous Feed: Most people are quick to select the continuous feed variety. However, if you want some added safety and longer life the batch feed variety is a better choice.
  • Grind Stages: The more stages of grinding the disposal works with, the finer the waste will be when it reaches the pipes or septic tank beneath your house. Your choice here will be guided by the kind of waste you will need to be rid of.
  • Noise Levels: I can feel the buzz from this issue. Most people consider noise, especially mechanical crushing noise from a garbage disposal, to detract from the serenity of the house. So be sure that the disposal you choose is properly muffled. (Something I will mention in my reviews)
  • Other Considerations: The other important things to consider for the garbage disposal you need and want are: The price (naturally), the size (especially if you want room for cleaning tools) and the type of waste you will be disposing.

Reviews and Top Picks


  • Best Overall Garbage Disposal: 
    The InSinkerator Evolution Excel is without a doubt the Mercedes-Benz of garbage disposals, with an unrivaled grade of power and durability. Naturally the quality and design of this article is reflected in it’s price.
  • Best Value Garbage Disposal Unit
    Believe it or not there are some fine garbage disposals on the market that won’t cost a penny more than 150$, and from some of the finest names in the business like Waste King.
  • Best Batch-Feed Garbage Disposal
    If you like things clean and neat but are also safety conscious, the batch-fed beauty is just the thing for you. The Batch-feed variety of garbage disposal is usually priced a bit higher than the continuous feed variety.But the InSinkerator has produced a surprisingly economic model.

Power Garbage Disposal Units (3/4 HP or More)

  • Best Value Power Garbage Disposal: 
    I was quite surprised when I found that the InSinkerator had produced a power disposal unit for the incredible price of $200. If this offer is still in effect it is the best value for your money.
  • Best Budget Garbage Disposal (3/4 HP)
    This model may not be sitting on the InSinkerator’s top shelf, but it does have an impressive ¾ Hp and customers who have used it rated it well.

1/2 HP Garbage Disposals

  • Best 1/2 HP Garbage Disposal: 
    For people who will only be putting light waste in the waste in the disposal, of the organic sort with a possible bone here or there, allow me to suggest you consider the Waste King L-2600.
  • Best Value 1/2 HP Garbage Disposal
    Good news often sounds incredible, like the price of the ½ Hp Powered Waste King L-1001, a feature in the Legend Series, just $65 a piece.

Brands You Can Find On Our Website

Those of you who have browsed our site will be well aware of the Waste King and InSinkerator Varieties. These two are the biggest names in garbage disposal design and production and have been so for sometime now.​

Nevertheless, I am not the kinda guy to tuck the smaller brands away, and so I have put together some reviews on the less known options for garbage disposals models. For instance, Whirlaway, Kitchen Aid and even General Electric. After all freedom of choice is a huge perk we enjoy in our democratic world, right?

General Information, Hints & Tips​

​Aside from the various product reviews and special items I have described, I would like to take a moment to offer some help to those who may be having trouble with the current garbage disposal they are using. You will find some links, provided below, to information on how to deal with a faulty waste disposal unit. If your disposal is in an jam, checkout the sites to find the easiest ways to unclog a disposal. We will also illustrate the process of servicing a unit that fails to power up or could be leaking.

​If you are not yet prepared to summon a plumber to handle the issue, but are not 100% sure on how to replace your current disposal unit,this page has the 411 you will need to finish the job. It is a surprisingly simple procedure and just about anyone can do it, this page will provide the walk through.

​Once you have your waste disposal unit correctly installed, it is important to provide regular maintenance so that it runs smoothly for many years to come. By following this link here, you can see the maintenance process on a video. Follow the simple steps to keep your unit clean, which will in turn keep your kitchen smelling fresh and unwanted disease carrying bacteria at bay.

​As you can see this website is not geared toward selling disposal units and helping you find good deals. Although these points are mentioned and important, the major theme of this site is to provide support for waste disposal, to show you how to get the most out of the waste disposal you are using now.

​Top 5 Garbage Disposals 

​This is a selection I mulled over for quite sometime before I was content to submit my opinion on these contraptions based on Power/ Purpose. But I am satisfied my perspective will serve you well so here it is, my Top Five Picks:

  1. The InSinkerator Evolution Excel, a part of InSinkerator’s Evolution Range, for a demanding household except no substitutes.
  2. The Waste King A1SPC Knight is unbeaten in terms of extended warranties. Its power and durability are what really makes a difference, through.
  3. The Waste King L-2600 is also accompanied by some pretty impressive warranties. Tough enough to chew through tough waste yet pretty easy on the wallet, just $75 a piece.
  4. The Waste King L-3300 will banish worries of rust and corrosion. This is one of my personal favorites. Along with in-home warranties,It features a powerful ¾ Hp motor and will only cost you $100, BARGAIN!
  5. The General Electric GFC520V may not be widely known but don’t let that fool you. The ½ Hp power garbage disposal is a reliable little beast to handle your waste disposal.

A Few Final Tidbits

​If I have said it once I have said it many times, proper waste disposals are something we hardly appreciate till they suddenly stop working. For this reason I got this website up and running, for people who only notice this invaluable asset the moment it breaks down, it is often negligence to maintain this gadget that causes it to malfunction in the first place.

​Well, now that I have done my best (with the help of my mechanically-savvy friend) to provide you with clear concise information on some of the more significant garbage disposals. Additionally, I hope I have illustrated the importance of regular maintenance and appreciation for these indispensable features of modern life.

​Enjoy from Adam and the team!